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DJ Marky
a long time ago
"At the age of 26, Marky is an emerging talent in the UK, but in Brazil he has been an established DJ for many years. He began plying his trade professionally in 1989, playing techno around the Sao Paolo club circuit. When Marky discovered early jungle and began playing it in clubs, promoters were not impressed at all. This was one of many obstacles Marky has had to overcome in order to get where his today. Another major problem was getting hold of the jungle records that he wanted: "I used to buy magazines and go into record shops and say 'buy these records'. They didn't really have a clue." This was compounded by the fact that a 12" would cost as much as 30 whilst the average monthly wage in Brazil is in the region of 60 per month.

Things began to happen for Marky around 1994-1995 as jungle/drum & bass suddenly caught the imagination of Brazil's huge club-going population. This precipitated a residency at the legendary 5000 capacity Toca Club, which in turn led to his own radio show. Marky proceeded to deservedly claim the coveted title of Brazil's DJ of the Year for two years in succession, 1995 and 1996. At around this time Marky had his first real contact with the UK scene when he released a compilation on Suburban Bass Records. Soon a residency at Sao Paolo's Lov.e Club followed, which was where the co-founder of V Recordings, Bryan Gee, was lucky enough to catch one of his sets last year. The rest is history..." Full story:

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