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Creators of VVVV

"tell me: what is this meso thing about?

meso is a design bureau
we are working on the border line between technology and design --
offering an integrated view on digital media system design.

meso is a lab.
putting a lot of our time into it, we are specialists for innovative and surprising media solutions.

meso is a service company
we are a professional partner for digital media conception and design:
focussing on real-time interaction, educational and entertaining exhibits and internet games.

meso is an artists base
we are constantly working on artistic projects. we integrate an artistic approach with professional competence.

what are you doing all day long?

our main research areas are:
- redefining interfaces between people and computers
- combining media in innovative ways
- creating well thought out unifying visualizations
- prototyping interactive audio and video
- developing games and applications
- thinking about �better than cinemascope�-media
- entertaining ourselves by irritation (�irritainment�)

what does "meso" mean?

we liked the word �meso� as nobody had any significant assiciations with it. it might have been a multinational bank or a south american chocolate bar. apart from being a four letter word meso is greek and describes the space between �micro� and �macro� which happens to be the place of the human being. a good place for doing things like interfaces and stuff.

do you know that german bus tour company which happens to have

we even know of the municipal electric systems of oklahoma and the marine environamental support office. but we never took one of the meso busses (until now).

other "meso's" here.

what is your rechtsform?

meso is a collective of people sharing an office. german legislative doesn�t really offer any structural entities suitable to our working process. there might be soon an array of gmbhs though."

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