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Friday, January 10, 2003
Was really looking forward for the DJ Vadim gig which i overslept yesterday. Making up: Solid Steel presents Hexstatic, listen and/or order here.

Love and people: [create Ö1], von Tag zu Tag, today afternoon with Jürg Willi, mastermind of couple therapy in Switzerland and Germany as well as author of some books about love and relationships, which i considered sketchy up to now. He managed to aptly conceptualize fragments of something inapprehensible with ease and disassemble the harmonic illusion of deep human relationships by the way. Nice thoughts about altru/egoism, challenging and similar things. Thereupon some people used the phone-in show to declare their subjectivism normative:

Host: So would you define love for us then?
Caller: First and foremost, love has absolutely nothing to do with with neurosis... nobody has ever really loved yet.

Next Caller: I've to complain about the absence of god in this rather sexuality driven discussion so far, he is the one who gave us marriage, and as someone who is married with a gynaecologist for almost 27 years now, without god i wouldn't be able to trust my husband.

The rest of the drive i had to think of a 50 something woman sitting at home in her kitchen, with a stressed appreciation of sexuality, hoping in god and that her husband isn't permanentely thinking about sex and betraying her while stirring in the vaginas of strangers.

Things that contradict themselves: Ariane Sommer, Die Benimm Bibel, Ultimatives fuer moderne Menschen (Kann man Stil kaufen? Sind Socken ein prima Geschenk? Wozu braucht man Messer und Gabel? Was ist toller Sex? Wie geht Small Talk?). Not that i wouldn't advocate that everybody should behave the way it comforts oneself, but not her as the degree of society she is manifested in a book.
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