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Monday, February 23, 2004
Ever evolving economy: A recent post on Crooked Timber sums up (comments) many interesting thoughts about the impact of services being industrialized: "Suddenly, after 50 odd years of dispensing aid and the omni-prescription of market-opening commitments, liberalisation, harmonisation, free flow of capital, government investment in education and training and all the rest of it, the worst has happened. It worked. (Albeit at great cost, in a limited way, and for the chosen few.)", and the sentence i like most: "Did we forget that the �developing� in developing countries is a verb, not just a description, and that one day it might actually happen?" The thought that when you put the ATM card of your local bank in the machine around the corner the transaction may be processed in India, while your limit is being determined in an irish industrial suburb. Or your next MRT scan being evaluated by a highly skilled slovakian neurologist. Not needing to invest much more than a low 7 digit figure to have Wipro develop a fancy mp3 player, while Flextronics builds it and UPS delivers. Slightly favouring more people in good unemployment conditions and at the same time multiplicating the living standard of many more. And the obvious question: What's next for 'our' developed economies, except the need for way better and broader education?

Gestern dann doch Sarah Wagenknecht statt Peter Zadek, bei beiden dasselbe denken: Komm, lass gut sein, ich mach uns einen Wein auf, entspann Dich, so schlimm ist das Alles nicht. Oder beide einfach hassen.
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